Reading Database Changes Records

Good evening from Ireland,

So I am one of those people who have launched head first into using the community document server and OnlyOffice in NextCloud without looking at legacy issues that remain extremely problematic. In this case it’s errors such as “An error occurred during work with the file” making files inaccessible.

I understand there’s an issue between the community document server and NextCloud committing changes to files and I’ve tried combing through server caches etc to restore manually (wishful thinking).

I’m now experienced enough to see that this is not the case. I’m wondering if there’s a genius here who has figured out how to read document changes in a SQL database to try and restore files (or if it’s even possible)? Judging by the lengths of strings I have my doubts as it seems to be randomised characters.

No point in moaning about the issue, but if someone has a solution to the above that’s separate to this please let me know.

Appreciate your time!