Read File Error - camera videos 0B file size

ios app won’t upload all movies, server is set to accept 10gb files.

The photos have uploaded, the movies remain

The phone becomes VERY hot when the app is running (iphone 7 plus)

File size examples 147mb, 13mb

Some do upload fine however, others have uploaded with a file size of 0B

@ios 0b completed uploads very worrying!

Another error message often displayed

Error, file not present, please reload.

Hi, only Video ? Dimension ? Auto Upload or Manual ?

Would assume they are 4k auto upload

I have installed a fresh server with version 12.0.0 (old server was 10.0.5)

Majority of file upload fine, but some files (including .png .jpg .mov) still report “Error, file not present, please reload.”

To show how big a problem this is…

@ios I believe the thing they all have in common is they are either slow-mo videos or timelapse videos

Hi @StoreEverything come here :

i think this issue is fixed with the new version in test.

Sent you PM

Hello guys, is this issue solved in new Beta ?

Check v2.17.4 which should be out soon. Already sent to Apple for approvement.

Seems like these errors still exist. Any update on this?

Any update? I’m still experiencing this.

Please check with v2.17.6 and provide feedback,