Reach the nextcloud platform to dowload app

Hello everyone, I subscribed to Nexcloud via Tab. I would like to sync my Joplin notes thanks to nexcloud like in this video : How to sync Nextcloud with Joplin (windows 10 and android) - YouTube but the problem is that I don’t have the same online platform as the video.

On the top left of my platform, there is only the Tab logo and not the next cloud one, which makes me think that I’m not on the right platform. When I click on my profile as in the video, I’m not able to add new apps (cf screen of my platform interface).

What should I do to be able to add Joplin to my nexcloud platform ?

From the looks of it, tab has multiple Nextcloud-based offerings, and being able to install apps listed as a feature for only some of them on their homepage:

Have you tried contacting tab, since you’re their customer? :slight_smile: