Reach files after Re-install

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I have a Raspberry Pi 4B with nextcloudpi image on it.

Unfortunately I messed up my nextcloud configuration while trying to make backups to a secondary drive (which didn’t go so well) and I tought it was best just to re-install everything, since I didn’t have acces to ssh and web-ui anymore after trying.
Re-install went well, only thing is I tought I could still reach my files on the external drive.
When I check the external drive, I do see all the files. Only I can’t reach them.
see picture below:

Question is:
How do we reach our files in our accounts again? We used to have 2 accounts, and I would like to get those 2 accounts back with the files.
All the files are in the ncdata-05-28-23…/data directory

Afterall it probably wasn’t the best idea, but I hope it is possible to recover.
Hope someone could help me out!

PS: While trying to make backups I managed to make some snapshots, however i don’t think this includes the database. When I try to nc-restore-snapshot with the path: “/media/myCloudDrive/ncp-snapshots/manual_2023-05-27_220905” I get the following error:

[ nc-restore-snapshot ] (Sun May 28 02:02:47 CEST 2023)
Create a readonly snapshot of ‘/media/myCloudDrive/ncdata’ in ‘/media/myCloudDrive/ncdata/…/ncp-snapshots/autobackup_2023-05-28_020248’
snapshot autobackup_2023-05-28_020248 generated
Maintenance mode enabled
ERROR: Not a Btrfs subvolume: Invalid argument

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Okay some progress in the case:

I managed to set datadir to: /media/myCloudDrive/ncdata-05-28-23.1685226328/data

Now my friend has access to his files again. But I still don’t have access to my own files.

Does someone know how to figure out how I can get access to my account again?
I did create an exact same account as I used to have.
My profile picture is back as well, but still no access to my files

For my friend I just created exactly the same user as well.

after a ns-scan my files are back as well!

Hope someone else who has the same problem can fix it with this topic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed datadir to: /media/myCloudDrive/ncdata-05-28-23.1685226328/data in the nextcloud/config/config.php file

Topic may be closed!

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