Re-sign user_external?

Hello all,

I added an own class to user_external. The authorisation via the new lib works great, but the integrity check now fails. How can I re-sign the app or turn off the integrity check for exactly this app?


I had the same problem after I added a new backend to user_external.
To solve it I just moved the new backend to a completely new App so user_external is untouched and passes the integrity check.
You can think of it as an extension to user_external, both Apps have to be enabled for the authentication to work.

Here is my app:

Thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately I do not have the skills to provide I new app. I read your example, but do not understand the app.svg file content at all.
And again, even if I resolve the user_external check this way I fear there is no such way for an urgently needed patch for the spreed app which shows all users to everyone and therefore needs mending as well …

The app.svg file is just the logo for the app that is shown in the App-Manager in Nextcloud.
I just copied it from the original user_external, you don’t have to touch it at all.

If you already have a working lib in user_external all you have to do is to copy it to my apps lib folder
and change the appinfo/app.php and appinfo/info.xml (also renaming the app might be a good idea, the folder of the app and the id in appinfo/info.xml have to match).

I created the app now and will deploy it in the late evening. It looks quite right to me, I don’t expect any troubles.
Will tell you though, if so :wink:

Indeed worked out well and the integrity check is ok, too.
Thanks for your help.
Now hand me over to the guy working on spreed app :wink: