Re-share with group: No read permissions


  1. admin user receives a external federated share
  2. admin user re-shares is with Group
  3. normal User logs in and sees the share
  4. User tries to enter shared folder
  5. Entering folder cannot enter the re-shared folder but receives the message: “This Operation is not allowed”

Under the admin user’s protocol, the error message shows:

OCA\DAV\Connector\Sabre\Exception\Forbidden: No read permissions

When the share is re-shared with a single this problem does not happen.

Why are there no read permissions for the group?
What do I need to change to correct this error?


So shall I file a issue at GitHub?

This problem persists with Nextcloud version 14.

I think it’s the best, yes.


No response so far, although this is advertised as a key feature.