Re-Share federated folder shares


I received a federated folder shared.

I would like to re-share this folder with all users in my instance.

But there is no possibility to add the groups or member names like with local shares.

I would be happy for any pointers on what I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

Did you receive the share with the permission to be able to reshare it?

I do not know.

Where is this configured?

If I try to send a federated share, I can configure the following via a checkbox: [x] can edit

How can the sender enable re-sharing with local users?

Do I have to enable this globally under admin?

Check Allow resharing to enable users to re-share files shared with them.

The original sender would have had to enable re-sharing when they created the share initially. According to my knowledge it is not something you can check or that you can set up after the fact.