Rclone + nc aio

Hello Community,

I use AIO and point my Data dir to a folder that mounted to Dropbox using rclone.
Everything running well except NC Desktop & Mobile client. How could it be?

Is there anyone try the same setup?
Is there any best practical way to run setup like this?


Can you elaborate on the behavior you’re experiencing with the NC desktop/mobile clients?

Also, are you saying your data directory is actually hosted on Dropbox and you’re using an rclone mount to make it available as Nextcloud’s datadirectory?

The app takes about 20 seconds to display the files and folders. When I try to open a file, let’s say a PDF, it says “file cannot be downloaded”.

I have tried another sollution (actuall situation):

  1. Mount a folder on my server to Dropbox using rclone
  2. Add “- NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT=/path/to/folder” in Environment
  3. Add “Local” as External Storage.

I am still testing this way, at the moment I could upload a file with a maximum of 1MB/s. But pros: Nextcloud runs smoothly because the datadirectory is directly on the server, not in Dropbox.

Yes, affirmative