RC1s of 25.0.5, 24.0.11

Maintenance releases of 25.0.5 and 24.0.11 are coming next Thursday and RCs for those are now available on our download server.

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!

We updated our servers, did our tests, and the release candidates seem pretty decent. Still, give it a whirl and report back here so we’re even more sure that it’s good to go! If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:



25.0.5 RC1

24.0.11 RC1

Is 32-bit support reinstated in 25.0.5? Not seeing it in the changelog, but know it was estimated to arrive in 25.0.5

32bit was fixed and is properly supported in 26. In 25 it might be a bit fragile, also because not every change can be backported, but in general there was never a block to run 25 on 32bit. The upgrade path to 26 was unblocked already in 25.0.4.