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Is it possible to access the files without javascript? I need to read out .json/.txt and the files in a folder. Its for an app, but i had probles with doing it directly over apache, maybe it is possible with nextcloud?

Perhaps you can use the app “Sharing Path” https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/sharingpath

You can access all nextcloud files via the WebDav protocol

@devnull Tried it, but it works only with files, need the content of a folder too.

Thnaks for the fast help :slight_smile:

Sorry. Does not work with directories.
But i think you can also not use WebDAV in the browser.

Maybe any other ideas? :confused:

You can set up another virtual host (e.g. in apache2) and map it to the folder:
Then allow directory reading.

Options +Indexes

I already had a setup like this, but fail2ban banned the ip after some reloads of the link and i have no clue how to avoid that. But i’d like to keep the apache check enabled.

Perhaps you can whitelist the ip: https://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Whitelist
Also you can allow the subdir only from one ip in apache2.
Sorry i do not use fail2ban.

Different ip’s :confused:

Okay, i found the solution…

<Directory /var/www/vhosts/domain.de/httpdocs/launcher/>
Options +Indexes
Allow from All <—
Satisfy Any <—

These two are needed. But at least i got an nice Cloudservice :slight_smile: Just some small errors ill have to fix

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