RAW previews working but downloads instead of light preview when clicked

Nextcloud version : 19.0.4
Operating system and version : Stretch
Apache or nginx version : Apache 2.4.38 (Raspian)
PHP version : 7.3

Hi All,

I have RAW previews working well for .CR2, .PSD, .TIFF etc… using Camera RAW Previews and preview-generator and they show up as expected in the ‘Files’ with the previews displaying (for a variety of sized thumbnails). My problem is, the Photos app does not show the previews, and when I click on the file in ‘Files’ they download instead of showing the light preview. I’ve followed instructions in mimetypemappings.json etc… and run relevant update-js commands. I feel like this must be something mimetype related. Here is the relevant entry in my mimetypelist.json. The Camera RAW preview app is the one which registered the provider.

"application/x-dcraw": “image”,

Hey James_Little,

did you find a solution? I have a similar issue: Everything works (incl. the Lightbox-preview when clicking on the image). But the images only show in “Files” and not in “Photos” even when I move them to the “Photos” folder they are not being shown.

I’ve checked all the details that you already sumarized (the RAW mimetypes were even already incl. in the original .dist.json) but with the same result. It’s still unsolved for me.

Thanks for any kind of feedback on this one.