Rather strange iOS problems with CalDAV

Nextcloud version: 22.2.0
Operating system and version: Debian 11 (Bullseye)
Apache: 2.4.51
PHP version: 7.4

iOS: 15.0.2

User names written in italic in the following text are case sensitive and have a space in between if there’s one in the text.

Now for my problem: I’m having a rather strange behavior with Nextcloud and iOS with versions as above.

I simply can’t add a CalDAV account for a user with the username Firstname Lastname in Nextcloud on an iPhone.

When using the automatic discovery setup of iOS it says after a while that a SSL connection has failed and if I want to continue without SSL. After pressing yes it fails again.

Now for the strange part:

  • A SSL-connection to the web frontend of Nextcloud works nicely in Safari
  • The Nextcloud app also works flawlessly

So after some tries I just created a user dummy with a stupid short password for testing purposes. And for this user automatic discovery instantly works.

What could I try here besides generating a bug report at Apple or generating a different user for Firstname Lastname?

Hi, i have the same issue. got my new iphone yesterday.
I cant sync my contacts nor calendar if i use “name name” or “name.name@mail.de”.
But if i create a new user with a short username it works.

I have created a user firstname.lastname after a few more tries. The problem seems to be
that there are problems with some special characters in usernames but Nextcloud allows you to create such a user with special characters anyway.

This will get fixed in some future version.