Raspberry with my nextcloud does not boot anymore

Since a while I’m using my raspberry as Nextcloud server. Today I note that my Cloud is down and that the raspberry does not boot anymore.
– how could i fix the booting, eg newly installing the boot system without destroying the nextcloud installation?

Thanks for any help

Please provide more information. Does it show the rainbow screen? Do lights blink? Is there some error at startup?

Dear Derkades
Thank you for following up on my problem.
Booting with a newly configured SD test-disks works well, so the raspberry 3 itself is fine.
Powering up my nextcloud sytem starts with the red LED lighting up, but it fails to go further to the green LED I saw with the test system. My nextcloud sytem also never shows the rainbow screen nor what should follow…
Thanks a lot,

Am I correct to assume that all your data for the Nextcloud installation is on the SD card?

yes, the installation is on the SD card while the data is on an external HD. I followed the installation described here (in german):

Do you have any way of mounting the SD card? and do you have a way of accessing the files on there? Can you go through the file tree off the files on the SD card?

I have an old laptop running mint. Yes, there i can mount the SD-card and access the content (two partitions)

I looked through the nextcloudpi code briefly and it seems like the nextcloud “storage” directory should be at /var/www/nextcloud .
I might even look even further and figure out all the database passwords, etc. if you need them.
But I hope, my assumption was right and you will find all your data at /var/www/nextcloud/data (probably on the bigger partition)!
Good luck and don’t mind asking if this answer didn’t satisfy you!

Thank you very much, Knallbert.

A raspberry system lies on a 16GB SD card. The whole linux system and nextcloud-configuration (apache, sql) is located on this SD which does not boot again.
From the beginning I configured the system in a way that the data is (hopefully still safe) stored on my large external USB-HD.

Now I assume that the boot partition is broken.
Is there a way to just make it alive again? Would it be possible to replace the content of the broken boot partition with the content of another, working raspberry boot?

or the other way round: would it be possible to setup a new cloud and then just overwrite the data-folder with my old data?

Finally i found a solution to my problem.
At the beginning my rasperry did not even start to boot.

I copied the files from another boot SD to my NextCloud System SD which worked partially: The boot process initiated, but unfortunately hanged after telling me “random: crng init done”.

From Re: Boot hang after “random: crng init done” I learned that the boot issue now might be that the rootfs won’t get mounted.

I found a possible explanation to debug in Re: Boot hang after “random: crng init done”

Now returned the cmdline.txt to standard entries found here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/cmdline-txt.md

and my Raspberry NextCloud finished booting and works perfectly again. :slight_smile:

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