Raspberry pi HDD: unplug HDD and open files

Hi everyone! I have a raspberry pi 4 B and a 1.5T HDD set up with nextcloud. This week there was a power outage and the pi is not recognizing the sd card so I’ll have to do a fresh install.
I was wondering, in this cases can I plug the HDD that was used by nextcloud on to my laptop and recover the files from it?

Hi @cici118,
If you have not activated encryption on the first nextcloud server, you can recover the data stored inside. ( windows can’t open ext4 partition if this is your case you should go through Linux)

I concur with the above. Also, you should back up your system. SD cards are not known for their reliability. Although you won’t suffer data loss if you still have the data folder intact, loss of the Nextcloud database is going to be a huge pain.

Sorry, I’m a total newbie in this. What’s that data folder? Do you mean I can reinstall the raspbian OS and just copy some folder from the old installation and everything will be up and running (no need for a fresh install of nextcloud)?

@cici118, the data folder ( or data directory) is just a folder where are all files of users on your nextcloud server.
So you can’t restore your nextcloud server because you haven’t a save of your config.php file and database save.

Managed to open using Linux. Thanks! :slight_smile:
All the pdf and ppt open ok but I get an error saying “no images found” when trying to open an image. Am I missing something?

@cici118 this is strange … have you try to open them with different software ?