Random extra guest joins in Talk

Whenever I run a meeting through Nextcloud Talk with more than 2 participants i get an extra random participant seem to join the chat.

Can anyone explain this?

So for example… myself and my friend join meeting and there are 2 participants but whenever a third guest joins there is always a 4th unknown guest that also joins with no audio or video.

This started happening months ago but i put it down to a bug, but today I setup a brand new nextcloud server and brand new Turn server and the same thing is still happening.

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Can you post screenshots?
Also did you change your conversation URL, so does it happen in all calls or just in one?

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Upon closer inspection this morning it appears I was mistaken. It’s the newer format of displaying all participants at the bottom with one highlighted on the main screen that confused me.

False alarm sorry!


It is ok we all make mistakes.