Random disconnecting and auto upload transfer stopping


my NextCloud installation seems to have an issue with disconnecting and becoming unavailable randomly. What I also noticed is that when I went to backup all the images from my iPhone 12 Pro Max, that the autoupload feature stops whenever I go away and come back. I have 19k photos on my phone from when I toured Europe. After switching autoupload switch off and on again, then the photos appear again in Transfer but if someone calls me and then I go back to transfer the list of uploads is gone. I also seem to get random disconnection when my NextCloud Pi install is idle? See image.

I’m running Metrics for Grafana on my Nvidia Jetson Nano and my NextCloud Install is on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I have a USB to SATA cable connected to a 3TB SATA drive. Its super annoying as it ties up my phone for hours when I’m trying to upload all my images and I have to leave my phone with the screen permanently unlocked which also means I need it connected to a power supply.

IS this a bug? software issue and should I upload my logs. All other functions seem to work OK.

Thanks in advanced, regards, Spence

I hope is not the Nextcloud version you are currently running.

With the logs, it might be easier to tell if there is a real issue. Seeing your CPU going really high, perhaps some configuration can be improved, however on the NCPi images, it shouldn’t be too bad for such devices.
Rpi3+ is not really high performance, not sure how much RAM you have, perhaps adjusting a bit the memory limits for database/php might help a bit.
Mysql slow queries can also be a good indicator, at which point/which app could be limiting performance.

If you are at 100% CPU during upload, it can also be for i/o wait (processes wait on disk operations).

Just to have less pain, I’d consider using a Rpi4 or 5…

Thank you for the reply. Hhmmm that is very interesting and the CPU issue I assumed had been quite normal considering the tasks involved. I was unsure why the disconnecting happened while idle?.

I will order a Pi4 perhaps even a Pi5 and also look at freeing up some memory.

Thanks again and shall report back with my findings.

the i/o wait can be one point, not sure if that is really the case for you (such issue might occur as well if your disk starts to fail …).

no idea about that. What means disconnections, the server is not reachable during this time?