Random Breakage

I have gone through two nextcloud installations over the course of the last 2 or so years, and both have broken for unknown reasons. One day, it just stops working, and I have to restart from ground zero and create an admin account. I am running nextcoud in a docker container, and this happens without me even restarting the container.
I don’t know what to do.

When I try making an account with the same name as the account I was using before, it just gives me an error, stating that “the user could not be created because there are already files associated with the account,” or something a little like that.

I know there’s not a lot of information here, but it’s because I haven’t been given much information either. All I have are the files from my previous installation.

Here are some redacted copies of some files in my setup:
.env (also called db.env)

To my knowledge, and from what I remember, I have not modified any files beyond these.

Hopefully, there is something in there that explains why things keep breaking. Any ideas are welcome.

Perhaps the issue is related to the system you are using and the hard disks, etc. You should have no trouble of this kind so something is wrong.

Could you share more details on your hardware setup. Also, does the breakage relate to anything specific, eg. Applying Updates or similar.

What is your usual process for updating your docker-compose?

My server consists of a raspberry pi 4b, running off two nvme drives attached over USB for boot and additional storage. When I update the container with docker-compose, I just do docker-compose pull and docker-compose restart. As for your second question, no. I do not think the breakage relates to updates, as I do not update the container very frequently (only 3 or 4 times per year), for fear of breakage or shifts in how the system works, like this. There are occasions that I restart the host system for maintenance and kernel updates, requiring that the container restart too, but those are not that frequent either.

Alright, I think I figured out why my nextcloud installation was breaking: I wasn’t running a few occ commands that you’re supposed to run after updates (link to documentation that told me this). Here are the commands I now run after major version updates:

occ maintenance:repair
occ app:update --all
occ check
occ maintenance:mode --off

To someone in the future: if these commands don’t work for you, check the occ help and occ list commands to see if there’s something else in there related to your problem. Also, look in the nextcloud manual (linked above) for things you think might have caused your problem, it’s very helpful.

Thank you for your reply, @just. I apologize if I came across as frustrated in any of my messages.