Ran as sudo on setup and want to copy credentials

After a linux reinstall, I initially ran the NextCloud AppImage as sudo.

I put in my credentials and set up my sync locations, leaving it to run overnight.

I would like to add NextCloud to my start-up programs but trying this makes NextCloud prompt for credentials and sync locations again, because all the previously entered settings were saved to sudo’s location.

I would like to copy those settings to my user account since I would like to avoid a complete redownload of all my files, since I am worried how NextCloud may handle a situation like this.

Is this possible and how would I do that?

You have the config files in the home folders:

I don’t know exactly how and where it stores the credentials, so perhaps the first time you run it, you might do the authentication again.

A clean client installation (which would include a fresh downloading of everything in the proper account in your OS) is the the least likely scenario to cause any problems.

It’d be just be like connecting a new computer up. It’ll be a clean sync. It won’t delete any data on the server.

You’re probably more likely to trigger something weird by trying to jump through hoops to move/fix/repair the existing broken initial installation.

However, make sure that the local sync folder, if you reuse the one from your old broken installation, is truly owned by the correct OS user and not root.