Rainloop login issue

I just installed rainloop, and from what I read the default login is admin/12345

But its not taking that credential. What else can i do to login?

Did you try it on the separate login page for the admin panel? To get there, open the Nextcloud admin panel (upper-right corner dropdown menu) and go to “Additionnal settings”. There, click on the “Go to RainLoop Webmail admin panel” link.

thanks for quick reply

I never thought of checking the link there.

Since my nextcloud do not have Mail app (not available in store not sure why), will be useful to have rainloop instead.

I don’t know why there are so many posts lately about the official mail app not available in the store? For me it is available. Maybe you do a quick search in the forum…

About the diffrences of the two apps… (i do not use either of them, but tested both a while ago) In short: the official app integrates better in nextcloud but otherwise it has very minimal features and misses defentitley some of what you would expect from a modern full featured webmail client. But you can install them both in parallel to test them out. (once you figured out why the official one is not available for your instance :wink: ).

apparently its a known issue (php version checking issue), and it will be fixed in the next update according to the developer.

Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying.