Rainloop Displays blank body when getting topic replies from nextcloud forum

Hi there,
I know this isn’t rainloop suport forum. I’ve spotted similar issue on rainloops github page, where I added my post. I was wondering if there is anyone having the same issue to make sure it’s not related to my instance only.

When using Rainloop all replies from any discourse forum (for example this one), results in blank message body. All digests (Nextcloud Summaries) display ok. I’ve tested it with numerous discourse instances and the issue applies for all of them. Any one around here could confirm it?

Do you use the rainloop app? Does it as well appear on the plain rainloop webmailer?

I use rainloop app. I haven’t check on plain. Will do tonight. Thanks.

fyi. Just updated to latest version rainloop app 4.27 and seems like devs listen and fixed the issue.

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