Radius Token-Server NC?

I use a Radius Token-Server and I want to configure Nextcloud to use the 2FA method with it.
Currently I am running NC 18.0.1 but I have no Idea how.
Could anyone guide me ?


Check-out the Nextcloud app store, whereyou will find different Two Factor authentication apps which you can install as required :wink:

Thanks for your response. I do install all of them but I want to use an external Radius Token-Server, so we use our Hardware device to authenticate ourselves. If you have any Idea please tell me. I saw an old YouTube video that someone did that with PrivacyIDEA but there is a problem and that is the PrivacyIDEA does not exist on Nextcloud App-Stor. I think that might be a third-party Application to offer this Service, but I am not sure about it.

Sorry, you didn’t mention that you are looking for Radius Token-Server support and only mentioned a hardware token. You will find apps which support different hardware tokens, but I’m not aware about any app which supports Radius Token-Server.

Due to this special business requirement I would recommend to directly contact Nextcloud GmbH and ask them for a quote to implement such a function.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll contact the Nextcloud Support.

You can run Nextcloud with privacyIDEA, but this woud require a 3rd component, a SAML Identity Provider. You could use simpleSAMLphp or Keycloak.
This way you connct:

Nextcloud --> SAML IdP --> OTP Server

Nextcloud would trust the SAML IdP to authenticate the user.
The SAML IdP would use the OTP Server to authenticate the users with 2FA.

You can read more about an example here: