Radio app is throwing a blank screen in NC 20.0.3

I just upgraded to NC 20.0.3 a day ago. I don’t use the Radio app much so I don’t know when it stopped working for me, I just know it’s not now. I’m running NC from an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server of my own.

It doesn’t work from FireFox or Chrome with normal user or Admin accounts on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS workstation or the same browsers on Windows 10 and Android smartphone.

What’s my first debugging move?

Check the Nextcloud server log file for any related error messages.

With admin looking at full logging in one Firefox window, and a normal user in a Chrome browser launching Radio, I saw no app in the log list for radio the only thing that might be useful was a no app info string of 17 and then later 25 identical errors:

[no app in context] Info: Deprecated event type for OCP\IPreview:PreviewRequested: Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\GenericEvent is used

at 2020-12-12T15:12:03+00:00

The rest of the live logs had almost every app on my system throwing this error:

[music] Debug: /appinfo/app.php is deprecated, use \OCP\AppFramework\Bootstrap\IBootstrap on the application class instead.

GET /ocs/v2.php/apps/notifications/api/v2/notifications
from by user1 at 2020-12-12T15:17:37+00:00

This was the only thing in the log that wasn’t one of the above two:

[serverDI] Debug: The requested alias "PreviewManager" is depreacted. Please request "OCP\IPreview" directly. This alias will be removed in a future Nextcloud version.

POST /index.php/apps/phonetrack/logPost/a4b1853f4e52f34360036251de361d4d/AU-Q2934AA
from at 2020-12-12T15:28:06+00:00

I had the same with Radio App after upgrade and had to manually upgrade to an update which fixed it for me on 20.03. Noticed that I did loss my favourites, but that could have been due to different reasons.

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So like a manual git pull command for it?

No, no git pull, just from the app store. For some reason it didn’t upgrade when upgrading to 20.0.3 and it was listed as an incompatible App in App store. Just ignored that and upgraded it and it is working fine now. I might have a different problem from what you are facing, but symptoms appear to be similar.

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I did try disable, remove, install before posting this. Maybe I’ll try again.