Quotas - change default value for new user creation

Hi All,

I would like to change the default value of the quote when creating a new user from Unlimited to something different maybe 1GB. I couldn’t see anything in the admin section so assume I need to make the modification elsewhere. Its the kind of thing I’m likely for forget about till someone manages to fill up all my storage.

Many thanks


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log in as admin and open the "User-Administration"
on the bottom left is a option-gear-button. i think that’s what you are looking for.


OMFG - I feel like a complete N00B/idiot now lol for never noticing that gear in the admin section. I even googled it for a while before starting a topic

THANK YOU :smile:

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glad i could help!

didn’t see it either (however did not solve my problem :D)

So I can only set the default quota to these predetermined values?


No, you can type in any value you like (including 0), and it will add it to the list (with a + beside it). You then click on that, and it is set.

Hi folks, having a nightmare trying to figure out how to edit the disk quotas for individual users in NC 18. Can this actually be done?

As an admin user, login and click top right profile, then Users. From there you can edit individual quotas.

I agree that overall the settings are kind of all over the place (admin settings, then users, other stuff in the bottom left, apps, etc.)

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