Quota: 0 B of 0 B after scanning files

I’ve got a fresh install on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian. NC12, Nginx 1.10.3, PHP 7.0
Installation went without a hickup.

Now I’ve added a user with a quota of 10 GB. It showed when I logged in. Next I added files using SSH and did an OCC files:scan. OCC said it scanned 27000+ files (which could be right).

However, when I log in I can see the files but my quota says “You are using 0 B of 0 B (0 %)”.

And in reality it is how much? More than 10 GB?

Normally, you are not supposed to put files manually into the data folder. You could exceed the quota and put Nextcloud in a “strange” state (normally NC checks the quota before it puts a new file, so it is never over the quota. With your method it can be over quota…).

If you want to user other transfer protocols, do this with external storage. Nextcloud considers to have exclusive access to the data/ folder.

Oups, it was in fact 78G.

So I’ve deleted the user, recreated one with a quotum of 100 GB. I again moved the files into the “files” directory and ran the script again. Now it says “You are using 1.3 GB of 24 GB (5.47 %)” which is still wrong.

I understand that this isn’t the normal way of work, but how would you do it otherwise? The data is already on the server. Copying to my PC and move back using the client isn’t handy for 78 GB.

You can use it as external storage and then move files into your main folder (webinterface or via webdav).

The occ command should normally work, you could check the filecache table if all files have been indexed.

I found out that directories > 2GB (one with 900 photos for example) do not display their correct size.

On the folder/file list it says “pending”. Selecting a large folder and looking at the details page (where you can set sharing options) it says 1kB (hovering over the size, it displays a negative number). Going into the directory and scrolling al the way to the bottom NC displays the correct size: 2,4 GB.

So it is indexed, but there’s something wrong with the calculation.

As you can already guess, I’m on a 32 bit system.

(I’m a hobbyist C++ programmer, this looks like the use of signed variables whereas unsigned are expected)

So it is related to https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/5031

Awaiting a solution, I’ve downgraded to NC11 and all is working fine again.