Questions regarding migration process from Owncloud to Nextcloud on another server


I currently have an Owncloud instance running on a dedicated-remote-debian server (let’s call it A) .
It contains 6 users and around 100Go of data.
I plan to migrate all of it onto a new debian server (let’s call it B) and I would like to have your feedback regarding the migration process I plan to apply.

Here is what I plan to do:
1/ migrate owncloud to Nextcloud locally on A using the nextcloud migration tool
2/ check everything is ok on the newly installed nextcloud on A
3/ stop the apache and then backup postgres DB + config on A
4/ install fresh nextcloud on B
5/ check everything ok on B and then stop apache serving nextcloud on B
6/ copy DB + config backups from A to B using scp
6/ replace config + DB on B by backups from A
7/ restart apache and login on B using credentials from A

Note: downtime isn’t an issue

Did I miss something ? Is there a simpler way to achieve this migration ?

Thanks by advance for your answers, advices and support :blush: