Questions regarding migration from Owncloud 9.1.5

Hello everyone,

we have an owncloud 9.1.5 installation with about 200 users that are fetched from an openldap server on Ubuntu 16.04.

For obvious reasons we would like to migrate our installation to nextcloud 10. (and then to 11 and 12).

Before we start the migration I would appreciate some feedback, if we will be doing the migration correctly:-)

I plan to use the migration tool and follow the steps described here:

The thing is: we installed owncloud via the owncloud-files package and then added all the apache configuration manually.

What would be the steps after running the Nextcloud Migration Tool? Just remove the package from the list in Ubuntu and be done? Are there any Gotchas? Has anybody succesfully gone through this migration path?

Also is there any danger if some people are still accessing nextcloud with an owncloud sync client after the migration?

Thanks for your help!!

You only want to keep config/ and data/ the rest is totally up to you. Do not update to 9.1.6 since you can not migrate that version yet. Upgrade directly to Nextcloud 11

Thank you Bernhard for your quick response!

I think I still haven’t fully understood yet how to deal with the old owncloud-files package:neutral_face:

Lukas suggests here to remove the packages first:

Is this still valid?

This would mean to run “sudo apt-get remove owncloud-files” BEFORE running the migration tool, right? This would only remove the package, but leave all the owncloud-files in say /var/www/owncloud in place, so that the update to nextcloud can be done, correct?

Sorry for the noob questions:frowning:

Yes, but make sure that you keep your data/ and config/config.php. Also make a backup

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