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I have a couple of questions:

  1. Remove introduction once logged in?
  2. Where can I edit the invitation send via email?
  3. Can I set a generated password and send it to the email address with the password?
  4. How can I remove the deleted folder view for all the users?
  5. Disable / remove the root folder sharing?


Hi! Welcome to the Nextcloud forums. :slight_smile:

I might suggest splitting a thread such as this into a separate thread for each question next time, so that it’s easier for people to give useful responses.
Also, please don’t simply re-post if nobody answers! You can update your post to refine or add more context, rather than starting a duplicate thread.

That said, let’s see if I can help:

  1. The First run wizard should already pop up only the first time a user logs in. If you’re seeing it pop up multiple times, please file a bug report! You can also disable the app from the ‘Apps’ page, but then it won’t run for new users either.
  2. There used to be a mail template editor, but it was complex to maintain and has been EOL’d. You can implement your own template as a PHP class, with more friendly documentation reported to be available in the paid portal. Worth noting: you can download the example template from the portal for free.
  3. Security-wise, if you’re sending a password over email, it should be used once, and then changed by the user right away. I’ve not used Nextcloud’s registration, but most services send just a one-time link instead of a link and a one-time password, and it amounts to the same thing. I’m not aware of an option for Nextcloud to send passwords directly at setup time, but I might just have missed it.
  4. Yes, just disable the ‘Deleted files’ app, and nobody will have access to it.
  5. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, but there are sharing options available for admins to change. Do those options fit what you wanted to do?
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First of all I want to thank you for the reply and details, much appreciated.

Your input helped a lot and fixed 4 of the 5 problems.

I’ve attached a image as sample, so the email invite that is send I want to set the “set password” to link to the password reset option but it just goes to the login page, there is also no option to include the first time password to the user once the user is created?

Thanks again.


close in favour of this one: NextCloud Configurations