Questions after successfull server migration


I migrated my Nextcloud instance to a new server. I followed the official documentation.
No (big) issues so far… Thanks to @riegerCLOUD for the awesome install bash script :muscle:

But I have two questions if the following is the “normal” behavior after a migration :slight_smile:

  1. Theming and the avatar picrutes are gone after a migration?
  2. Two Factor TOTP Provider - I had to generate new app-passwords (the IP address of the server has changed)


My guess is data didn’t fully copy over. If you copied all of your /data and entire contents of your Nextcloud root (including hidden files), configs, database dump, and it’s the same version of Nextcloud, you Should have everything there. Did you doubly make sure you aren’t missing data on the new server?

@stratacast said it: you have to ensure to copy all data. Espeacilly the “appdata_ocabcxyz…” regarding themes and previews etc.
And your config.php should consist of the correct “secret”, “instanceid” and “passwordsalt” as of your previous release.

If those values are the same, you don’t have to generate new TOTP or other values. And your theme would appear either!

Perhaps that is the Problem …
I copied the data directory with rsync and the avatars and background image are on the new server …

I have no salt entry in the old config.php.

The new server works so far … can I change the instanceid and secret to the old one?

yes - after having made a backup :wink:

Please verify your config.php:
‘instanceid’ => ‘oc123xyc…’,
should exist! This points to your app_oc123xy… folder inside your data-directory and consists of all your theme and preview information

Regarding: salt
It is called ‘passwordsalt’ and as far as i know it needs to be there?!

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This instance was running since owncloud 5 ?!?! I have no passwordsalt in my old config.php :smiley:

But in Nextcloud’s config.php it is…keep this value.

Okay … the changed instanceid was the “problem”. Now everything is fine again :slight_smile:
And now I have a passwordsalt too :laughing:

Thanks @riegerCLOUD.

:beers: you’re welcome!
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