Questions about using USB SSD for Nextcloudpi

After a few days of trial and error, and assistance from this forum, I now have NCP booting from an SSD (documenting this is still a work in progress). No users or data added yet, and no connection outside my home network.
The SSD is connected to a Raspberry Pi 4b 8GB, in a 52Pi case with the M.2 SATA SSD to USB3 adapter board.

I intend to add one or more HDDs via a powered USB3 hub sometime in the future, for backup of NCP and user data, and for additional user data storage if needed.

NCP takes up approx 4GB on the SSD, leaving just under 220GB spare (unpartitioned, unformatted)
I can insert the regular RPi OS SD card, and boot from that so I can then use Gparted to format & partition the spare 220GB.
I was thinking about 2 partitions, one for NCP database, one for user data.
Just because I can do something, should I?
And what alternatives are there that I haven’t thought of?

My questions are:
What are the pro’s & con’s for moving the NCP database to a different partition on the same physical SSD?
I have no idea about database sizes, and how much “spare” capacity needs to be planned for, so guidance on the partition size is welcome.

What are the pro’s & con’s for moving the user data to a different partition on the same physical SSD?

I will be trying different Nextcloud apps, where are these installed?
Should a different partition be used for them? How is NCP then pointed to them?

Finally, how can I get the Pi (from within NCP) to manage the fan in the 52Pi case?
With the RPi OS, I had it set to only switch on at 60 degrees C, but it runs continuously with NCP.

Thank you

If first installation would have started from this usb-device instead of sd-card, the root-partitition would have been auto expanded to fill most of the ssd.

Maybe you want to check how different backups / snapshots are implemented, be aware that the ncp maintainer is working on a new backup system.

Thank you @geoW
I reviewed my steps taken so far, and I think I can see what happened:

After writing the NCP .img to the SSD, I did not boot from this.
Instead, I booted the RPi from the RPi OS SD card.
Then I connected the SSD.
Then I used Gparted, saw that NCP was just 4GB, and initially partitioned the remaining 220GB on the SSD.
(I think this would explain why NCP did not expand to fill the SSD, as there was no room for it to do so)
Then I shutdown the Pi, removed the SD card.
Powered up the Pi, NCP booted up and I activated it.
Then I thought of the questions to ask, and saw your reply.

So, I then shutdown the Pi, and did it all again, but omitted the partitioning of the “spare” 220GB on the SSD.
And sure enough, the first boot and activation of NCP has indeed expanded to fill the entire SSD.

An interesting afternoon at school :smile:

Thank you.