Questions about the client(s) | Before I buy


I currently use MEGA, but want to switch back to nextcloud, which I gave up some years ago.

When I used nextcloud some years ago, I had the following issues, which MEGA solved:

-> The client needed WAY to much time in order to go through all of my files before they started to sync. Often, I had already turned the computer off again before it even started to up/download something.
-> The client did not upload and download at the same time. Regarding my bad internet connection and the amount of data I have, it would be very nice to have such sync.

Here are some facts about me and what I have:

-> I do have multiple TBs of data, with hundreds of thousands of files, stored on HDDs on my computers (1 HDD each).
-> I do have 2 appartments, I move to each other about every week due to my job. One has a symmetrical gigabit connection, the other one (where I am more often) has only 20 MBit/s download and 8 Mbit/ upload. This is, why I would place the server in the appartment with 1 gbit/s.
-> I am a power user and use 100% of the slow internet connection for about 8 hours a day when I am there, which I would really like to see duplex sync.
-> I use both Windows and Ubuntu. My iPhone uploads new images automatically to the cloud.
-> All of my drives are encrypted (and thus a bit slower).

I thought about buying a server with 3x12 TB HDDs (1 for parity) and a fast SSD cache (PCIe) fully encrypted using UNRAID.

Now, I want to switch back to Nextcloud due to privacy concerns. But before I buy expensive hardware, I would like to know if nowadays there are solutions for my issues I described above, regarding the other given points about me.

Thanks in advance!

There is still one issue that you first need to sync all the files via client (you can’t just put a copy that you bring with a USB device). Upload and download speed as well as the small files are topics of discussions, there you can perhaps find a few numbers what the current client can reach.

I only sync a selection of files I currently use, it’s in the 10 000nds, that’s still something where the detection works quite good. Not sure how well it scales with hundreds of thousands of files.

Before I used such a setup, I’d run tests before buying all this equipment. If you only want to sync two computers and the sync performance is the main issue and you don’t need the other features of Nextcloud, I’d look at syncthing as well.

Thank you.
How should I perform those tests?
I do not have any spare hardware that I could use for this.
Only a RPi, but this won’t be comparable to a 6 or 12 core Ryzen with multiple HDDs and SSD Cache.

EDIT: PS I could add them via SFTP and then do a rescan. Should be not too slow with multiple HDDs and SSD Cache.

Well, usually you can set up a virtual machine on an existing computer. If it is mainly for the number of files and the sync client, you could set up a folder structure with many extremely small files, so they won’t occupy a lot of space and you can check mainly on the database performance. For Traffic it is a bit different, then perhaps a usual set of data you are using through the day and check how much traffic this creates. If you need the bandwidth you could pause the sync process and run it after work or at night.

If sharing with others is not important and the other functions of Nextcloud, you could do the syncing with syncthing which uses network resources a bit better. If you want, you could even hook up the sync-thing as external storage on a Nextcloud setup for sharing stuff with others (or mobile clients).