Questions about SFTP


I have set up Nextcloud running on a Vultr $6 dollar vps. The problem is that the 32gb that comes with it is too little for my files.

So my idea is to set up an SFTP server on a spare computer with a 4tb HDD on my home network with Bitvise SSH Server (and also open port 22) with the External Storages app.

Will there be any security risks? For my home network and my nextcloud instance?


If you are already starting to open ports at home, you can just as easily host the entire Nextcloud at your home. Apart from that I don’t think, that your solution would perform very well.

About security: SSH as a protocol is considered secure. If you disable password authentification and only allow authentification with keys, you should be fine.

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Thanks for your reply. I will consider hosting it at home

One more question, would it also be secure if I use password authentication and only allow connections from my nextcloud instance’s domain?

Yep I didn’t think of that at all. If you only allow access from the server’s IP, it should be secure enough, even with password authentication. And of course, setting this restriction would make sense anyway, just to prevent all the login attempts that will hammer your computer as soon as you make ssh publicly available.

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