Questions about migration from Passwords legacy

Hello all,

I noticed a few weeks back that I had the passwords legacy app installed instead of the new passwords app. I found the detailed description of the migration guide.

I tried to follow it as much as possible. But in the end after I installed the latest passwords app, it showed all passwords without doing any of the migration steps explained there.
My question is now if I am still somehow in a bit of legacy mode? How can I verify that everything is in the new format/version?
What tables are used by the new app? And what tables were used by the old app that can now be deleted?

Hope you can shed some light.

Kind regards,

Bert Haverkamp

Are you sure you were actually using the app this guide was for? The Owncloud Passwords app was abandoned in 2017 and was never in the NC Appstore. So unless you’re coming from OwnCloud or installed the app manually in NC you never used this app.

I think it’s more likely that you’re using the LSR version of the current Passwords app: The Legacy Support Release wich was introduced last year to continue supporting PHP 7.x when the app moved to PHP 8.x.
In that case you don’t need to do anything and you’re already using the latest version available for your server.

Thanks for this! I think that makes a lot more sense. My install is quite old, so technically it could have been. But I only started playing with passwords more recently.
I searched for “legacy migration” and got to that page.
Thanks for clarifying!



So i guess i will go with the solution i had planned anyway for this guide: remove it by the end of the year.

:sweat_smile:Fine by me!