Questions about how to achieve the best setup for my needs

I would like to ask some questions about how to organise my Nextcloud.
I have Nexcloudpi 24.

What I want ro do is:

  1. Sync three 3.2GB folders from work
  2. Sync about 6 smaller folders from home
  3. Sync photos and small videos from my mobile.

Currently I have my pi at home with two accounts: Local LAN IP address for syncing from home pc and mobile phone. Dyndns static IP for connecting from work.

I would like to ask

  1. If this is the best setup for my needs, or would it be better to have 2 devices, one at work, one at home.
    2.All folders I sync from work contain 1000s of photos of diagrams which I don’t want to see in Photo app. In photo app I would like to see only photos from my mobile phone. How could I achieve that? Can it be done within Nextcloud! Should I consider a 2nd app like Immich to sync my mobile photos so as tp not get mixed and lost with the thousands of work photos?

Thank you!

It may work, but just keep in mind a RPi is not that powerful. You will probably have some load times.

If it’s to be used for work, consider making an investment in it. And make sure you aren’t violating data security policies.

As far as keeping things separate, you could use a home account and a work account.

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as KarlF12 already stated - review your @work policies if you are allowed to save your data at @home.

If you separate your work and private accounts photo app of the private account will show only your private pictures. If you need to have all the data on some device you still can connect both work and home accounts on same device - it is possible to switch accounts on-the-fly

You can use the .nomedia file where you like to exclude folders from showing in your photo gallery