Question with user folders and right management


I use nextcloud as a private cloud solution.
At the moment there is one user (me as an admin).

Now I want to create 2 new users.
User 1
User 2

I want to create a folder for each user.
Folder User 1
Folder User 2

Now User 1 should only have access to “Folder User 1” (only read).
And User 2 should only have access to “Folder User 2” (only read).

The new users should not have the right to create or erase new folders / files.

The Admin (me) should have access to the folders “Folder User 1” and “Folder User 2” with all rights (read, write, erase…).

I log in as admin. I want to see all the folders of the users and can copy new files into the folders.
If the “user 1” will log in then the user should see the “user folder 1” and the files.

How to realize this?

thank you very much in advance

I think you do need no users. You can create two folders and share them only with read access and optional with password.

And if the user should or would use Nextcloud and not only a browser, they can create an own free nextcloud account on a different server and use your share as federated share if you allow federated file sharing in the own nextcloud account.