Question regarding redis caching


I have very simple question but as I am new to the caching topic, it might not be a “smart” one. We are running Nextcloud 20.0.12 with Redis for caching. But as we are having much memory available, I thought about allowing more caching. Redis is configured to use 16g of memory but still only uses few of it. I checked with MONITOR and when opening files, I always saw the entry “SELECT” “0”. Therefore, I’d like to ask the Nextcloud community, if redis is setup correctly and this is “normal”. File locking works normally from what I can see in the MONITOR log. For setup I followed the instructions in the Memory caching documentation.

Thank you for your help.

Well basically its down to the nature of caching. It isn’t going to cache things that either haven’t been used, or things that change dynamically and therefore can’t be cached.

One thing it will NOT be caching, is file contents. That is handled by your disk cache and would therefore be a waste of memory – see the output of the free command in the buff/cache column.

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