Question on updates

Hi, I have a question if you don’t mind. I have to update nextcloud (I’ve been a bit busy these months and I’ve seen that versions have come out) and I do it manually but when I enter the page to download the update files a problem has arisen and I don’t know what to do. When deploying to see the versions of 25, these appear: Version 25.0.3 January 18 2023

Version 24.0.10 February 23 2023. I don’t understand why after a version 25 a version 24 appears and my doubt is that I also update 24 or do I have to skip it. Sorry for the disturbances.

Thank you!

What version of Nextcloud are you currently using?

Depending on that version, it offers you updates to newer version of the same branch (e.g. 24.0.9 when you are on NC 24, with version 24.0.8 or lower), or it offers the upgrade to the next version NC 25 if you already use the latest version in the current branch (25.0.4 if you are on 24.0.9).

Now imagine you are running 24.0.9, it will now propose an upgrade to 25.0.4. If you do not do it and wait another month, there will be 24.0.10 and then it will propose the update to 24.0.10 first.

Hello, thank you for your quick response. Currently this is my version.

From what you have answered in the previous email I understand that those who have version 24xx and want to continue in it use 24.0.10. And I am in version 25. I update only the subsequent versions of this version.
One last question. I have seen that on the nextcloud page it says that now php 8.1 is recommended and I have 8.0 and can be upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1 without damaging the server.

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards

Once on NC25, you shouldn’t see any updates to NC24 any more. Not sure if the updater app caches the last results or something, but that should normally be emptied on updates. Within a branch, you should apply the security and bug fixes quickly, these updates just fix things and don’t introduce new features. Upgrades to new major version are less time critical, it’s often better to wait a bit and make sure that your system is compatible and all the apps are already available on the new version.

Newer php versions often bring improvements the developers try to benefit from. However, upgrading php can sometimes be a bit tricky, you need to install all required modules and make sure the new version is configured the same way. If you don’t aim for a special feature or monitor the performance closely, I don’t know if you see a difference. For myself, I would perhaps wait a bit for NC26, and then directly switch to php 8.2 (not yet supported in NC25).
If you haven’t tuned your system yet, you have time now and it’s fine to do it now. Just for such changes, plan always a bit more time and expect to find some small issue that needs to be fixed.