Question on oc_filecache

NC 16.0.0

I have noticed that oc_filecache table in the mariadb database is over 1,250,000 rows. Considering that I have 4 users with a 1.3TB total data;

  • Is it normal?
  • Should I need to do anything to keep it under control?

I would appreciate if somebody enlighten me.

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It’s a table with all the files and folders. If your 4 users have about 1.25 million files and folders, then it is possible. You can count the files on linux easily:

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@tflidd thank you for your help. I run the following:
find DIR_NAME -type f | wc -l
on the root of nextcloud data and got 589.764. It is far from 1.25million.

May I have your comment on this, please.

If you have versioning and trashbin enabled, there could be more entries for that. Or with sharing perhaps? It’s nearly a factor of 2.

Or check folder individually on number of files in database and on the filesystem. You can also check the file system if the same filename appears twice.

Hi buddy, it is normal depending on the users demand and usages.

T.Bessey Vidmate