[Question] Newly created contacts are fully searchable, but imported ones not. Why?

NC 15.0.7
Contacts 3.1.1

I succesfully imported 5,900 contacts into NC. These contacts are searchable only for the fields available on the colored header (name, surname, company and title). Search cannot hit anything in the other fields.

On the contrary, newly created contacts are searchable in all the fields.

Why is that? Is it by design? Any fix to make the imported ones searchable in all the fields?

Thank you.

As far as I remember the contact app works as designed, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to handle such a huge number of contact records in an acceptable time. Only if a record has been opened once and the data is available in memory, you can search for all available field content.


This is by design yes! Unfortunately, for performance reasons, we do not load the full vcards. We load the needed properties for the contact list: displayname, email, if a photo exists, the uid, the full name… Which lower considerably the amount of data needed on app start. Then once you click a contact, we load the full vcards for you to edit/see the data.

You can see where this is coming to, a created contact is fully saved on your browser. Since it has not been pre-loaded!

Though I want to change that in 17 and support the built in SEARCH dav feature. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the explanations. All clear.

I appreciate your efforts.

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