Question for the android app

Hello, i have a question, the situation is user of nextcloud with the android app installed with one directory synced on the device for offline use (it’s a shared folder from the group), if i disable that user, the app it will not sync the file anymore i think, but the synced files are still available in the device right? is there any way to make the app remove the files (of course when it will check with the server the first time online if the user is not active anymore) from the local storage of the device ??


Open the user management in Nextcloud, select the breadcrumb button behind a user name and choose “Delete all devices” above the “Deactivate user” :wink:

and that will delete the files from the devices also ? or only disable the app for future sync ?

Yes. Please check-out the available functions which exists since Nextcloud 17:

ok thank you so much, i will do a few test then :slight_smile:

thanks a lot