[Question] Double entries or misleading/not shown addressbook


after upgrading to v11 i found double birthday entries in my calendar. It turned out that i had double entries in my address book even though i couldn’t see them.

Examing the database i found out that my default address book is two time in the database (select from oc_addressbooks).

id, principaluri, displayname, uri, description, synctoken
'3', 'principals/users/649d6360-c19e-1034-9558-9b8475e7168c', 'default', 'default', NULL, '167'
'4', 'principals/users/pressy', 'default', 'default', NULL, '946'

The one with id = 3 is the false one (i change the birthdate of the contact und queried which entry was change).

How do I get savely rid of this old address book? Is it save to delete this row and all entries in oc_cards and oc_cards_properties with this addressbookid?


PS: I have ldap-user-backend enabled

oc_cards_property is pretty much a summary of what the vcards contains, so I think you won’t have any issue if you clean things up in it. (backup first!)

As an overview of your cleanup question, yes you can remove all the rows related to the address book you want to delete, but be sure to know what you’re doing and to double check :slight_smile: