Question about Nextcloud 17.2 and php/mysql versions compatibility?

I am almost ready for an update of NextCloud + getting an update of php and mysql.

My NextCloud version is 17.2. I am ok/ready to update it to 18.3 with backups done (I think it’s enough for a successful update?)

I have php 7.2 and mysql 5.5 on Apachee.

My hosting is a PAAS at

I have Nextcloud, Dolibarr and WordPress installed on vhosts. The PAAS instance could be updated to php 7.3 and MySql 5.6.

WordPress latest version is fully compatible with php 7.3 and MySql 5.6.
My version of Dolibarr I don’t know yet, but asked the same at the Dolibarr community.

Here is my question : are php 7.3 and MySql 5.6 ok for Nextcloud 17.2? Should I update to NextCloud 18.3 and then it could be compatible with php 7.3 and MySql 5.6 ?

Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards and stay safe.

There is a wonderful documentation, where you can find all information, have a try :wink:

Thanks j-ed! The answer is right where you pointed me. That’s perfect!

MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.2+ (recommended)

PHP Runtime * 7.2

  • 7.3 ( recommended )
  • 7.4 ( recommended )

Have a nice day, and stay safe!