Question about encryption and sharing

I would like to know how encryption is working with sharing.
When I share a folder with an user, does he have access to my encryption key ?
Maybe it’s a silly question but I can’t find an answer about that.
In my user dir “files”, I found the file encrypted, but there is no file in the dir of the user who can access my shared file.
Thanks a lot, amazing software :grinning:

Sorry to re-enter the fray, but I think it is an important question to answer if we want users to adopt Nextcloud.
Thank you

hi folks,

encryption is covered in the admin-manual
unfortunately, it doesn’t go into detail on how the file-sharing works with enabled server-side encryption. so basically, encryption is done by file-specific encryption keys plus the users password. yet, the manual states that file sharing works, even if encryption is enabled (though the users might have to reshare files & folders after encryption was enabled). how this is done - i don’t know. maybe someone can help here!?

nevertheless there seem to be some problems with file-sharing & activated encryption. i’m on nextcloud 10.0.1 and activated encryption. individual users had access to their own files, yet shares were not readable by the users/groups they were shared with. i just couldn’t get it to work. i tried the following things (everytime the files were not readable by the recipient):

  • activate encryption share files after that with pre-existing users who logged out/in after enabling encryption

  • creating new users after activating encryption

  • creating an admin recovery password for encryption (after which i repeated the first two experiments)

nonetheless, filesharing didn’t work. maybe i did something wrong in the process? if so — there is, in my opinion, a huge need for an updated (more into detail) manual for encryption, especially for filesharing. right now, i deactivated server-side-encryption, because filesharing is a top priority for my users. even though everyone using my server (including myself) would highly appreciate the added security of server-side-encryption.

maybe someone could help me figuring out what i did wrong?

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