Query all configuration parameters


How can I display all configuration options of my nextcloud installation?

With the Postfix mail server, for example, I can use the postconf command to display all options.

With the option ‘-n’, for example, all parameters that do not correspond to the standard are displayed.

With the option ‘-d’ I can display all default values.

Is there an equivalent to occ? With the call of ‘occ config:list’ I get only a part of the parameters, but not e.g. the default values, which were not set explicitly in the config.php.

Any idea?


ahhh. O.K. I found all possible (default) values in ./config/config.sample.php

I’m not sure if the sample contains everything, but there’s always the documentation page: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/configuration_server/config_sample_php_parameters.html