QNAP TS 251A + Collabora Online + Nextcloud 12

Dear Nextcloud-Community,

I am running Nextcloud v.12 on a QNAP TS251A with a wildcard ssl on a https://subdomain.mydomain.de

So far so good.

I am trying to install Collabora online hole day. It won’t work. I am not able to run/install the docker image on the QNAP … https://hub.docker.com/r/collabora/code/

Could you please help me out?

Beste regards,

I am trying the same thing. I could install Collabora in the Container station. In the Create container page I searched for Collabora, found it and installed it. But I have not yet been able to go further. Have you?

How did you install the Nextcloud in the NAS and how did you install a server?