Q: Which NC folders to keep in sync for failover?

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The issue you are facing:

I have a NC server up and running and would like to create a 2nd server for failover. For that I need to copy all config data (users, passwords, installed apps, etc) → which folders do I need to keep in sync?

Steps to replicate it:

  1. NC1 and NC2 should be in sync in case NC1 goes down
  2. Periodically sync all config data (and user data) from NC1 → NC2

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In theory it is mainly the data folder with the user data. The config-file is important as well, but it shouldn’t change that often. The apps folder is similar, if you can sync the update of apps on both systems.

However, the database is very important and if you get a difference here, it will become chaotic.

Also think about how you switch back to NC1, that you sync the other way around correctly.

Thanks. Does the config folder hold the NC configuration or the database? It happened to me once that I had a server up and running, then took a back up and restore but when opening NC a new installation procedure was triggered. So somehow the server did not realise that it had apps etc already installed. I want to avoid that experience and hence really need to understand the locations of the NC config data.

the config file is just the config file. The database is elsewhere, but it is specified in the config file.