Q: reports generation of activity?

Hi all,

I am working with Nextcloud install as a ‘test’ for a client who is presently using a ‘sharefile’ server and we’re looking to move away from that. The use-case is fairly simple / intent is for file sharing from (business) to (its clients); such that (a) Business will generate a userID for users@clients and then upload PDF files to be accessed by those end-users; or (b) users@clients will upload PDF files back for review by (business).

There were a few key features for this to be viable,
– email notification from nextcloud to admin@business so that they know when a client has uploaded anything which needs attention/review
– ability for the admin@business to generate a report each day / at the end of the day, which makes it easy to ‘cross check’ that all tasks were done in the ‘human workflow process of the day’, ie to allow validation of:

-1- what files were made available to what clients today? and
-2- what emails were sent from this server to notify clients about changes made;
-3- what clients uploaded what files for me to review today ?

So far I think we have ‘virtually’ everything sorted (Email notification, happens on hourly basis … I believe … if suitably configured); but I am having trouble figuring out if there is any means to do ‘reporting’ within nextcloud / in terms of an app / add-in / plugin which lets you generate fairly ‘routine’ reports like the (1-2-3) points above.

If this is an existing feature and I’ve just missed it after reviewing the plugins, a gentle kick in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

If this is not existing feature, if there is any high-level comment on its feasability (ie, “yes could be done, via back-end script which harvests events X,Y,Z / based on approx method of … la-la-la…”)

For more precise detail as well, it might be worth mentioning I’ve got nextcloud installed on a modest sized dedicated VM / running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / with nextcloud installed via ‘snap’ / and presently is updated-to-latest ver 12.0.2

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions are very much appreciated!



maybe @jospoortvliet could help to solve this issue, by pinging the right person…

Well, this is really a question for sales@nextcloud.com not something I can easily answer… Other than that I believe the requirements can easily be fulfilled.