Q: NC21 in Docker - Custom Flow Scripts Problems


I have NC 21 installed in Docker (on Debian Buster), and currently writing custom flow script, it should create PDF from a given file. Unfortunately, due to some limits of built-in standard features I have to design my own script.
I added custom flow script, based on Tag assignment: “ok” tag assigned to a file - run script

/opt/CalcSheet2pdf.sh -f %n -o %o

Right now (for debug purposes) this script simply outputs line with date to the log file, and does NOTHING else. I can login into docker container, and run this script from within the Bash shell, it outputs log file in /var/log (where I can navigate within docker). So script’s syntax is OK, its “x” permissions are for everyone.
However, when I assign tag “ok” in NC Web, I can’t find any trace of this script ever luanched. No logs in /var/log in Docker container, and no logs in /var/cloud_data within Docker’s host OS (where NC log file lives).

cat nextcloud.log | grep Calc

results nothing.

Any idea what went wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Need to clarify - custom flow script copied inside NC Docker container with

docker cp CalcSheet2pdf.sh xxxxxxxxxx:/opt

Permissions for script are +rx for everyone. I logged into Docker container and run this script from Bash shell - it works. Looks like either NC can’t find it either flow trigger is not being activayed for whatever reason.

I copied this script (inside NC Docker) into 2 addtional dirs
/var/www/html (where NC lives)

No changes, doesn’t work, flow.log is empty.