Q: Custom Flow Script Location - NC 21 Docker

Hi !

What is the proper location of custom flow scripts for NC 21 running inside Docker?
I copied them into NC Docker container /opt, /bin, var/www/html (where NC lives), yet they are not triggered at all when file is tagged with “ok”, flow.log is empty.

In Settings → Administration → Flow → Run Script assigned full path
/opt/CalcSheet2pdf.sh -f %n -o %o
Permissions are correct.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Looks like this feature is broken under Docker install.

I changed flow rule, File rename → name matches → /ok/i
Script still not invoked after file have been renamed (e.g. report.ods to report ok.ods). NextCloud sees script, since if it (script) doesn’t exists, NC throws error when trying to save settings.
And NO log entries in nextcloud.log or flow.log which could indicate any info about this script being run.
Same name matching rule for stock PDF conversion workflow writes entries into “nextclod.log”.
NextCloud 20.01/apache in docker, updated just today. Custom flow app also last version.

Any help is greatly appreciated.