[Q] Create simple generic workflows

Dear Nextclouders,
is there a simple solution to create generic, simple owrkflows with the appraised workflow engine?
What I have in mind is something like the following:

  1. there is a tag “DigiCam-Photo”
  2. the tag is attached to some photos upon upload
  3. upload of tagged photos triggers a specific task (workflow?)
  4. run command line “DoFunkyStuffToPhoto $mynotsofunkyphoto > $output”
  5. replace $mynotsofunkyphoto with $output

How can I accomplish this?
There has to be an easier way than creating an entirely NEW APP for every simple task…

Thanks for reading.

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Anyone? :sunglasses:

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Unfortunately, the only way is to write a custom app. You could write one but parameterized, don’t need one for every single task. I agree that it would indeed be quite useful, I once had similar thoughts about a tagged folder, which triggers an OCR and pdf-conversion task when a new image or docx would be uploaded to it.
See https://github.com/janis91/ocr/issues/80#issuecomment-346621668