Push Notifications in NC12 and Android App (dev) not working


This is my first post and I’d describe myself as being relatively new to Nextcloud.

So far, I’ve managed to get everything set up and working.

However, I’ve read that NC12 should support ‘push notifications’. But how does it work? No matter what I do (e.g. share files with others, create announcements, etc.), the Android app does neither get a push notification nor does it come up in the notification section of the app (German “Benachrichtigungen” in the app).

What do I do wrong?

Maybe it’d make sense to describe what I / we are planning:

We would like to use Nextcloud in our school. Not only for an efficient way to store files: Every teacher should get an account. The principal and others should be able to write announcements which get “pushed” to the mobile phones of all other teachers or those in certain groups. Furthermore, teacher’s calendars on the phones should be updated every time they enter school respectively their phones log on to our WiFi network.

In theory, everything works except the announcements.


Ubuntu 16.04, latest patches applied.
Docker container of Nextcloud, port 88 (port 80 used by other application)
Docker container of OnlyOffice, different port

Any help appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


@Andy @mario have push notifications been implemented just yet?

They are. @N_Hof can you share how you added an account? If you’ve added account via the new login mechanism (webview) then you should automatically get app password provisioned.

In case you’ve just upgraded your app and already had an account, you need to use APP Password instead of a regular one to get support for push notifications.

Thanks for the hint.

I actually just created the new accounts with the admin account.

You are writing about an app password. I have no clue what that means, sorry. I know I’ve come across something like that in the settings, but what do I do with it?

[EDIT]: I’ve found the option in the settings … my Phone is registered there. So everything seems right. But I do not get push messages. Do I have to set sup something else?

[EDIT2]: Furthermore, I’d like to emphasize that there are no messages in the notifications (Benachrichtigungen) section of the app. NONE at all. Why? Sorry, but I can’t really find any information on these topics …

Could you point me to a step-by-step guide or shortly describe how I can set this up?


That seems very strange. Do you see notifications on the web interface for the user?

Also, if you can share a test acc with me (mario@nextcloud.com) that would be appreciated.

I do get notifications in browser, Chromium even shows them in a little extra window after I’ve allowed it to do so.

The user used in the app is the admin.

Sorry, I can’t share a test acc with you. Everything is set up to prevent users from accessing it from the outside :slight_smile: That’s the reason why we intend to set this up: Access to our local network is only possible via VPN and all our files must be stored on our servers, according to regulations here in Germany. Access must not be granted to outsiders. Since We’ve already have the infrastructure set up, it’s not possible to let “outsiders” in :frowning_face:

Ha, ok! We’ve got a few other users who see a similar problem, so I’ll try to investigate in the coming week and come back to you. Remind me on Thursday if I forget about you :smiley:

I’m also unsure how to get this going. The device shows in app passwords but no notifications. Some documentation would be helpful I suppose as I’m probably missing something simple.

Hey folks,

I remembered this thread a few days go, and decided I was silly when I answered. While the “No notifications” in notifications screen is probably a bug (that I’ll try to investigate these days), push notifications don’t work because Git does not ship with the required Google file required to make it work.

So push SHOULD start working as soon as we make a 1.5 release.

Sorry for the confusion!


is there something new about this issue? I also have these problem with NC 13 and Android App 3.1.0.